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Targeting Mobile? Browser or App?

posted 27 May 2012, 02:02 by Ares Neophytou   [ updated 18 Oct 2012, 23:52 ]

As more and more companies are trying to create a mobile presence, the question of whether to develop a browser based website or an app becomes important. The emergence of HTML5 which promises to recreate the app experience in the browser is making things more complicated.

But if one had to take a decision currently, what are the pluses and minuses of each different path?

Browser is better for
  • keeping your cost low and not having to write a different app for iPhone, Android and possibly Windows
  • delivering text based content, with some pictures and navigational links
  • reaching a wide audience, even people with older devices
  • immediate updates
  • selling things and not sharing a substantial part of your revenue with the app store owner
App is better for
  • accessing what the phone can see with the camera, how much you shake it, or for making the phone vibrate
  • designing a beautiful interface with colors and textures, and providing a better touch experience
  • using phone location to take appropriate action, such as dialing a number
  • reaching a wide audience and simplifying your billing process, if you don't mind paying a share of the revenue
  • developing games

Targeting Mobile Browser or App

Credit: Wireless Week