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izidocs Document Management

Telemobilo has developed izidocs, a state of the art Email and Document Management Solution that helps companies manage and protect their information.

The solution is easy to use and has a very low cost of ownership.

Key features:


InterfaceBrowser based, supports all latest browser versions, including tablets
CustomisableUser settings remembered across devices
FiltersDrop down filters enable easy field completion, e.g. folder/subfoder discovery for filing



One action uploading of entire folder/subfolder/file structures

Electronic filesEasy (drag and drop) uploading of all types of files including MS office, OpenOffice, PDF, text, image, audio, video, archive
EmailCapture and retain all emails (optional or mandatory folder allocation), or forward selected emails to specific archiving address. Autofile functionality minimises folder allocation effort
PaperCompatible with all scanners, automatic import from scanner, multiple users per scanner
FaxImport fax documents from fax server directly into users’ inboxes
RecognitionEmpty page, barcode, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for scanned document and fax separation, processing and indexing
IndexingIndexes text in all electronic files, including MS office, OpenOffice, PDF, text, scanned documents, emails (including attachments)


FileEasy document filing using searchable folder filters. Multiple folders per document. Option to impose filing discipline by specifying minimum acceptable folder/subfolder levels
Document dataAutomatically adds known document data such as email from, to, date and subject. Allows user to add/edit document data such as from, to, date, keywords, description, notes
VersionsAll changes to document data and folders are automatically tracked. Users can upload and view additional content versions. Versions can be files of different type
PDF toolsExtract pages, remove pages, split document, optimize file size
SearchIntelligent, simple keyword search, across all document properties. Detailed search by from, to, subject, filename, folder (combinations), text in document has/does not have word(s), has attachement (for email), date, size, number of pages, file type, creator, last editor
WorkflowsCollaboration by easy initiation and tracking of unstructured workflows, without administrator assistance. Support for structured workflows also available
IntranetsSmall groups of users can administer content that is made available to large groups of viewers


ProtectGranular security policies with separate create, edit, view, move, delete rights per folder/subfolder
DestroyDifferent retention policies can be implemented in accordance with client legal requirements
ComplianceKeeps a permanent copy of all email sent/received and all documents uploaded


izidocs clients include:

Please contact us for a face to face discussion on how Email and Document Management can assist your firm.

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