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Mobile Services

Telemobilo is a leader in mobile solutions and services.

We launched the first SMS service in Cyprus in May 2000, sending SMS alerts on behalf of stock brokers at the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

Since then we have developed a wide range of mobile solutions.

Mobile Internet

We have experience in creating state of the art mobile websites. Our mobile websites are designed to provide user friendly and efficient access from all mobile devices. Sample mobile websites:

Mobile Applications

Telemobilo can help you build consumer and business mobile applications and games that run on different types of mobile phones. Sample mobile applications:

  • Troodos Cycling Routes mobile brochure
  • Official government "Euro to Cyprus Pound" mobile converter that was used when Cyprus entered the Euro zone in 2008

Telemobilo Mobile Platform

Telemobilo Mobile Platform recognises more than 2,000 mobile phones and formats content in real-time according each phone's capabilities. It also includes an advanced mobile content management solution for dynamic delivery of mobile websites.

Interactive SMS

We have developed SMS Everywhere, an interactive SMS platform which allows the quick deployment of interactive SMS services. Sample applications that are currently in service:
  • Interactive SMS banking (Hellenic Bank, Marfin Popular Bank, USB Bank)
  • Interactive marketing campaigns (Bank of Cyprus Student Card, Renault Twingo)
  • Client communications (Terra Nova stores, HDC Medical Trichology Centre)